Join the study for selecting a suitable vaccine against COVID-19

Become a part of the study that aims at finding a suitable vaccine for COVID-19, and find out whether you have IgG antibodies in your blood.  

WHO can participate in the study?

  • The testing is intended for all persons above 18 years of age.
  • The tested person must be insured with ZP MV ČR (Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of Interior, Czech Republic).
  • The tested person must not suffer from any acute health problems related to COVID-19 on the day of sampling and in the preceding three weks.


CZK 100 for persons insured with ZP MV ČR upon compliance with all conditions for participation in the COVID-19 Study. The total price of the test payable on site amounts to CZK 600 incl. VAT; ZP MV ČR pays back the amount of CZK 500 to its insured persons based on an application for a contribution from the Prevention Fund. 

Important notice:

The test of IgG antibodies is not intended as diagnostics of the ongoing acute COVID-19 disease. The test does not consist in a one-time testing of blood for determination of diagnostics or examination of virus DNA (PCR test - nasopharyngeal swab).


For more about the Study for selection of COVID-19 vaccine click here

For information about how to receive the contribution of CZK 500 click here


The study intends to identity

  • the size of the representative sample of population that has encountered the infection and created specific antibodies against SARS-CoV-2; the situation of collective immunity 
  • the level of specific antibodies in the individual age groups
  • the proportion of minor or asymptomatic disease; the period during which protective antibodies remain in the blood
  • determination of correct vaccination activities with respect to test results proving the presence of protective IgG antibodies in blood of the given individuals. 


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