Genetika Plzeň - The Clinic of Reproductive Genetics & Immunology, Pilsen


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Genetika Plzeň, s.r.o.
The Clinic of Reproductive 
Genetics & Immunology

Parková 1254/11a
326 00 Pilsen - Černice

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Genetika Plzeň - The Clinic of Reproductive Genetics & Immunology, Pilsen

About Clinic

The main portfolio of the company is genetic consulting. Genetika Plzeň s.r.o. consists of two sections - the genetic consultancy out-patient department with the ultrasound out-patient department and the genetic laboratory with the cytogenetic and molecular-genetic unit.

Medical examinations carried out in the clinic:

  • Genetic examination of children and adults suffering from an inborn defect
  • Examination of families with several generations long histories of cancer
  • Examination of married couples suffering from fertility impairment and repeated miscarriages
  • Examination of male fertility – semen analysis (seminogram)
  • Premarital examination of blood-related couples
  • Inborn developmental defects screening of the foetus in 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy
  • 3D (4D) – ultrasound foetus examination
  • Prenatal genetic examination – amniocentesis with karyotype examination of the foetus
  • Quick examination of amniotic fluid or chorionic villi by means of the QF – PCR method
  • Chromosomal examination by means of classic cytogenetic methods including the FISH method
  • Chromosomal examination of miscarried foetus
  • Paternal expertise – expert determination of fatherhood
  • Molecular genetic examination of hereditary predisposition to thrombosis, cystic fibrosis, Y chromosome microdeletion and non-syndromic deafness
  • Examination of celiac disease predisposition alleles
  • Examination of Fragile X syndrome